Expand your Gymbeing multi-adjustable barbell or dumbbell pack with an extra weight plates.

Available in the following varieties…

  • 4 × 1¼kg Plates (5kg Total)
  • 2 × 2½kg Plates (5kg Total)
  • 4 × 2½kg Plates (10kg Total)
  • 2 × 5kg Plates (10kg total)

Designed in-house, these weight are engineered to be just as stunning as they are functional – so will look fabulous in your home. Each piece of equipment is designed and manufactured in the UK to support our jobs and industry.

Dimensions are 196mm* in diameter with a 2.5cm* (1″) central hole

Important: Total load bear for Gymbeing Strength bars  is 30kg for dumbbell bars and 60kg for barbells

A note on appearance: These products are made with unfinished raw steel and will vary in appearance. This is an intention design consideration and gives each product a unique industrial look and feel. As such, rusting can occur if they’re kept in damp or humid conditions. Therefore, you may wish to give consideration to storing this product indoors, in a warm and dry environment. Should any rusting occur – this can be removed easily with WD-40 or many other off-the-shelf cleaners.

*Dimensions are approximate and subject to differ slightly (+/-2mm)